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"The need for faithful friends is no less than need for the vital necessities of life. Being among a secure and peaceful circle of friends means finding safety against many sorts of hazard and danger..."

The Sacred Trusts
by Hilmi Aydin, Ahmet Dogru (Editor), Talha Ugurluel (Editor)

Author: Hilmi Aydin
ISBN: 1-932099-68-9
Publisher: The Light, Inc., New Jersey

The Sacred Trusts Pavilion of the Sacred Relics (Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul)

A first time comprehensive album presenting the marvelous collection of the Sacred Relics at Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul.

The collection includes more than 600 invaluable belongings of prophets such as Abraham, Moses, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Prophet`s Companions,as well as a number of Muslim saints.Excavated from the most restricted rooms of the palace, the entire selection is compiled here for the first time, including those that are not on exhibit for daily visits.

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